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Have More People Share Your Status Updates With Findit

Are you spending time on social media every day trying to reach your target audience and engage your consumers? When you post a status update to Facebook or Twitter or your other favorite social sites its because you not only want people to see your message but you also want them to share your message to increase the number of people who are coming across your content. When you wan to reach more people make sure you are starting all your social status updates on Findit.

Findit offers members a central location to create all of their social media status updates that they would normally do within Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. From this one central location, members can create data rich status updates that can be shared socially to up to 80 different social networks. Members that have created data rich status updates on Findit and then shared to Facebook as opposed to creating a post just within Facebook tend to see a dramatic increase in the number of social interactions they get.

When you want to get more shares and social interactions on your status updates be sure that you start your status updates within Findit. By using the Findit platform you can even save yourself time by creating one status update and sharing that single status update to all your social networks rather than visiting each site directly to create the same content. Be found on Findit and get more social interactions on your status updates. Call us today to find out more or if you have any questions.