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Reach Your Target Audience Faster By Using Findit For Your Social Media Status Updates

People that use social media to engage their target audience or followers that are looking to reach their target audience faster can use the Findit platform to not only get their status updates in front of more people, quicker, but also to reduce the amount of time they spend on social media. Join Findit today, for free, and start getting the most out of your time spent on social media.

When you are spending time going to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, and these other social networks to create status updates that will engage your followers, you are simply creating posts that you share to your followers or friends and hope that these posts get shared socially. However, these posts are going out to people who already know the goods or services you provide. Most of the social networks you are using are likely “sign-in” sites, meaning that people that want to see your content have to at least be a member of the site themselves, if not also a follower or friend to you.

However, when you create the same status update in Findit that you would have created in Facebook or other social media sites, the post you create becomes its own page within the Findit platform. From there these posts can be shared socially to over 80 different social sites, which means you can create one status update in Findit and share it to the various social networks that you are on.

Moreover, Findit is not a sign in site, so anyone can see your content regardless of whether or not they are your friend and whether or not they are a member of Findit. This enables your post to be shared by anyone that comes across it, to their respective social networks, increasing the total amount of people that see your status update.

Make sure you are getting the most out of the time you are spending on social media. Create data rich status updates that will help increase organic search results that can also be shared by anyone to over 80 different social networks. Findit is free to join and can help save you time while also getting you more social engagement.