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Increase The Number Of Shares Your Status Updates Get With Findit

Users of social media that create status updates to engage their followers, friends, and target audience that are looking to get more social engagement and shares on their status updates can use Findit.com, a free social media management platform. Findit gives users the ability to create status updates in one place that can then be shared across 80 different social networks to reach their target audience faster and get their status update in front of more people.

The average Facebook user has 338 friends, of which about 35% of their friends, or 118, see their status updates when they post directly to Facebook. Because Findit is an open platform, when a member of Findit creates a status update on Findit first, and then shares that post to Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, not only will their friends on their respective social networks be able to see the post on these networks, but anyone can see the post on Findit. This gives a Findit member’s post the ability to be shared by anyone to that person’s social networks, exponentially increasing the amount of people that can see a Findit post.

Check out the following links below to see how one Findit member’s status updates received nearly 300 shares back to Facebook. The first post was on his Samsung phone battery melting his phone, the second on Lady Gaga’s halftime performance in the superbowl.

Post 1:
My #Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Battery burned my phone up and destroyed my charger.

Post 2:
#LadyGaga halftime show no money from NFL for halftime performers.

Based on the average number of friends a Facebook user has, which is 338 and that about 35% of people see a single post, which is 118, the Samsung Galaxy post would have reached 33,512 people and the Lady Gaga post would have reached 25,370 based on 284 shares from Findit back to Facebook on the Samsung post and 215 shares from Findit to Facebook on the Lady Gaga post.

Anyone can join Findit and anyone can post their status updates to Findit for free. Regardless of what content you are creating or sharing to your social networks, be sure you start your posts on Findit first to leverage Findit’s open platform to increase the number of shares your status updates get.