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US Air Purifiers Adds Blueair 211 to Inventory

US Air Purifiers, an Illinois-based firm offering the best in residential and commercial air purification systems, is pleased to announce the addition of Blueair’s new Blue Pure 211 model to its inventory of home air purifiers. The Blue Pure 211 has proven to be one of the most popular air purifiers of 2017.

“This unit is a great addition to our lineup of air purifiers because it offers the well-known quality of the Blueair brand at a price point any customer can afford,” said US Air Purifiers owner and CEO Barb Lulay regarding the addition of the Blueair Blue Pure 211. This HEPA air purifier offers coverage for up to 540 square feet of space with 360 degree air intake for optimized air cleaning. The Blue Pure 211 cycles air at a rate of five rotations per hour and is effective in removing smoke, pollen, dust and other common impurities.

Priced at $249, the Blue Pure 211 is the most economical unit so far offered by Blueair. The air purifier comes with two external prefilters, one in blue and one in black, that can be used to help the unit mesh nicely with a wide range of decors. At just 21”x13”x13”and 12.5 pounds, the Blue Pure 211 is also small, light option that is useful for buyers without enough room to accommodate larger units.

The Blueair Blue Pure 211 is now available for purchase on usairpurifiers.com with free shipping. Customers with questions about this or any other unit are encouraged to contact US Air Purifiers directly. The unit also comes with Blueair’s standard manufacturer’s warranty.

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