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CPC Pools Will Custom Design Beautiful Mooresville NC Inground Concrete Pools And Hardscapes To Beautify Your Backyard

Take back summer with a beautiful new Mooresville NC inground concrete pool when you call our staff at CPC Pools. As the summer rolls around, you shouldn’t have to be stuck with the heat and Carolina Pool Consultants will ensure that your home becomes the gathering point of friends and family alike with a beautiful custom concrete pool, designed and implemented to your exacting standards.

For over 20 years, CPC Pools has been the place that the Carolina’s come to swim, our custom inground concrete pools and hardscapes are constructed to fit the needs of each and every individual client. Through the entire design process, from consultation to perception, to competition, we’ll work side by side with you to ensure your dream pool becomes a reality.

CPC Pools doesn’t just stop at Mooresville inground concrete pools, we recognize that your backyard is your temple towards relaxation, and we’ll work to ensure you have somewhere comfortable to relax and entertain. Include a hardscape into your design plans with a firepit for your family to relax around after an evening swim; whatever you can imagine, CPC Pools will design and show you exactly how your new pool and backyard will look before we break ground.  

We prefer to work with concrete pools when designing our Mooresville inground concrete pools, it not only is easier to design and implement, concrete will go a long way in cutting maintenance costs down the road. Other pool liners such as fiberglass and vinyl have to have their liners replaced and come with hidden service costs; when you’re looking for the perfect custom pool that will be the centerpiece of family memories for years to come, contact CPC Pools for your custom concrete pool.