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Detroit Powder Coating Operations Can Install High Performance Powder Coating Equipment from Booths and Ovens

Booths and Ovens can help your Detroit powder coating operation produce better powder coating finishes for your clients by replacing your outdated powder coating equipment with our new high end powder coating machinery. We stock a wide variety of our powder coating equipment and can help you get the best results for your clients. Reach us today at 877-647-1089 and discuss your needs with us.

We offer the best high performance commercial grade powder coating equipment at great prices. You can often get new equipment from us that comes with a warranty rather than buying slightly newer machinery from what you already have. Get the best equipment so you can produce the best results.

We recommend that shop owners also install an industrial wash station or heavy duty blasting room to pretreat the parts that they are coating. Often times, the parts that arrive at your operation are covered in dust, dirt, grime, residue, or other particles that will cause problems in the coat. Ensure you get great finishes every time by starting with pretreatment.

Call Booths and Ovens today at 877-647-1089 to order new high performance powder coating equipment in Detroit Michigan. Our commercial grade systems will help you produce the best results and when you partner with us, you get the Booths and Ovens Advantage: Better Prices, Better Support, and Better Products, so give us a call today to get started.