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Take On Top Paying Travel Nursing Jobs with Millenia Medical Staffing and Explore the US

Millenia Medical Staffing offers top paying travel nursing contracts nationwide to active RNs and LPNs that are looking to stay employed but travel while doing so. Many nurses find it difficult to travel due to the demanding nature of their job. However, when you take on a travel nursing job with us, you can explore a new city and state on a short term or long term contract and continue working. Call our healthcare recruiters today at 888-686-6877 to find your perfect top paying travel nursing job.

Being an RN or LPN at a traditional hospital or facility likely means you have long hours and may or may not be on call. But, when you become a travel nurse with Millenia Medical, you can relocate to a new city or state and earn great pay while taking on a short term or long term contract. This enables you to experience a new town while working without having to give up the career that you love.

We also offer great benefits in addition to a wide variety of flexible contracts. Travel nurses can expect to receive top pay rates, a comprehensive insurance package, a generous housing allowance, and initial travel reimbursement when they partner with us. Speak with our healthcare recruiters for additional details on our benefits.

Find a top paying travel nursing job with Millenia Medical Staffing today by giving us a call at 888-686-6877 for more information. We look forward to helping you start your new career. Our healthcare recruiters have over 20 years of experience in the industry and can help you find the perfect job, so give us a call today to get started.