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Contact BiTech Medical Corp For Medical Equipment Repair For Your Healthcare Facility

BiTech Medical provides the best medical equipment repair technicians to ensure the devices in your medical facility are running smoothly, call our staff today at 888-470-3720. Hospice Houses, small patient practices to major healthcare facilities, our staff will be on site to ensure that the devices you rely upon every day stay in top shape. Call Bitech Medical today for medical equipment sales throughout the US.

Fully functioning machines ensure that your RN’s, CNA’s and medical professionals can perform their duties to serve your patients; it’s the core of a healthcare facility that allows it to run smoothly. Having our medical device repair technicians on site to take care of your machines ensures that you can have the peace and clarity of mind to focus on patient care and growing your business. Our trained device repair technicians will be in house anywhere throughout the Southeastern corridor of the United States.

Whether your healthcare facility is in need of consistent maintenance and emergency medical equipment repair or in need of medical device sales itself, contact BiTech Medical today at 888-470-3720. We sell directly from the manufacturer to consumer throughout the US, no matter the size or needs of your healthcare facility. Call BiTech Medical today for all of your healthcare facility’s medical device repair and medical sales needs.