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Install New High Performance Powder Coating Equipment in Oregon From Booths and Ovens

Booths and Ovens high performance powder coating equipment can help you give your Oregon powder coating operation the upgrade that it needs. Our affordable yet durable powder coating equipment is built to last using the best parts and are fitted with the most efficient burners on the market. Get better results today by replacing your outdated powder coating equipment with our high performance powder coating equipment in Oregon.

Getting the best finishes for your clients is imperative as your results are what drives your business. Moreover, happy clients can lead to repeat business and positive referrals which can help you grow your Oregon powder coating operation. Our powder coating equipment will help you produce the best finishes for your clients time and time again, so give your shop the upgrade it needs today.

We also offer pretreatment powder coating equipment to those powder coating shops that are looking to ensure their parts are coated without imperfections during their first batch. Many times, the parts you are spray coating arrive dirty or dusty from shipment or storage and if you spray coat these parts prior to cleaning them, you may end up with imperfections in the coat.

Let Booths and Ovens help you produce better finishes for less when you replace your powder coating equipment with our high end machinery. We can help you select the right machinery based on your operation’s size, available floor space, and the amount of batches you coat for your clients. Give us a call today for more information at 877-647-1089.