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Help Reduce Inflammation Pain And Treat Your Dog To Phyto-Bites CBD Dog Treats By Ordering From CBD Unlimited

Phtyo-Bites CBD dog treats from CBD Unlimited can help your dog experience all of the potential health benefits of cannabidiol. When searching for a potent anti-inflammatory for your dog, our CBD dog treats may be able to relieve the joint pains and inflammation pains your furry family member suffers from, helping to return them to the healthy and happy pup they once were.

Each peanut butter flavored CBD dog treat from CBD Unlimited is packed with phyto-nutrients and 2mg of concentrated cannabidiol. Derived from certified hemp, our industrial hemp CBD products are thoroughly by third party laboratories to ensure both their potency and purity is maintained.

Research continues to show potential medicinal uses of cannabidiol, including the use as a powerful anti-inflammatory. With data showing cannabidiol to be several hundred times more powerful than aspirin in relieving inflammation, this makes it a powerful tool in relieving inflammation in your aging dog’s joints.

CBD serves as an agent of homeostasis within the body, bringing about a natural equilibrium and bolstering our body’s inherent systems. Studies have shown CBD to help potentially reduce healing times, bolster the immune system and much more, all without having any real side effects of its own.

Help relieve your dog’s inflammation pain, and discover all of the potential benefits of cannabidiol with industrial hemp CBD dog treats from CBD Unlimited. Our Phyto-Bites dog treats are the healthiest CBD dog chew on the market, and can help your dog experience all of the potential benefits of cannabidiol.