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Mycpcpools.com Hires Findit.com For Pre Summer Marketing Campaign To Generate Leads For Pool Building Services in Denver North Carolina

Carolina Pool Consultants, owner of mycpcpools.com offers professional concrete pool building services in Denver North Carolina and 15 surrounding towns. Carolina Pool Consultants, in an effort to increase the number of organic search results in search engines and improve overall online presence utilized Findit, Inc, owner of Findit.com to create an entirely new website as well as original content on the Findit platform to help achieve this goal.

Carolina Pool Consultants wanted to index under search terms in outside search engines related to concrete pool builders in the towns they offered services in. Part of Carolina Pool Consultants pre-summer marketing campaign included 16 unique Findit.com Keyword URLs that are keywords related to pool building services in the 16 towns they service. 

A Findit Keyword URL is an extension of findit.com, for example www.findit.com/inground-concrete-pools-installed-cornelius-nc. A Findit Keyword URL has two functions, the first being that it gives people an easy way to find you in Findit that are looking for you, your goods, or your services. Secondly, it allows you to target specific keywords that you are trying to index for in outside search engines.

Findit.com was hired on March 21, 2017 with an initial account set up that involved creating a new website with new content including 16 separate town pages on the website to help improve indexing in those towns for pool building services as well as setting up the 16 unique Findit sites that targeted the 16 towns CPC Pools offers pool building services in. After Carolina Pool Consultant’s new website was completed and their Findit account and URLs were set up, initial marketing on the Findit platform began on March 30, 2017.

Findit’s marketing team began creating fresh, original, content rich status updates on the Findit platform that post to Carolina Pool Consultant’s Findit sites. From here, these status updates, which can be shared socially to over 80 different social sites, were crawled and indexed by outside search engines, which is possible due to the fact Findit is not a login site. Moreover, because Findit is not a log in site, anyone anywhere can view content posted on Findit, thus enabling visitors and other members of Findit to share these status updates to their respective social networks.

Over the course of one month, Findit created 856 pieces of fresh, new content that was posted on Findit and mycpcpools.com that included status updates, press releases, and blogs that all targeted concrete pool building services in the 16 towns CPC services. Also included in Carolina Pool Consultant’s campaign was for Findit to share this content socially to CPC’s social sites as well as submit fresh content to be indexed by Google.

The result of this marketing campaign was Carolina Pool Consultant’s began taking over search results for “inground concrete pools installed” in the 16 towns they service as well as other search terms related to their services, such as “Gastonia concrete pools”. As a result of marketing efforts made by Findit, mycpcpools increased organic results increased, many of which are on the first page of Google.

Their traffic ranking improved 4,114,136 spots on Alexa, as well as had a 200% increase in daily page views per visitor and overall time on site was increased by 112%. These statistics are provided by Alexa, which is owned by Amazon. 

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