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BiTech Medical Provides Healthcare Facilities With Extensive Medical Device Repair Plans

Healthcare facilities can save on medical equipment replacement with medical device repair plans from BiTech Medical. Our medical device repair technicians can be onsite to assess, repair and maintain your medical devices anywhere in the Southeastern United States. Contact BiTech Medical to discuss the needs of your facility at 888-470-3720.

Based in Atlanta Georgia, BiTech Medical is a family owned and operated company that supplies both high end medical devices, and the skilled technicians to repair them. Our medical device sales plans are fully customizable to fit the varying needs of small hospitals to major hospital facilities.

Lab equipment, network infrastructure and wireless telemetry systems to new diagnostic devices; whatever the needs of your healthcare facility, BiTech Medical ships straight from the manufacturer to help healthcare facilities cut purchasing costs.

If your facility is in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina or even North Carolina, our medical device technicians will come in house to maintain your existing medical equipment. A medical device repair plan from BiTech Medical can ensure ongoing economic prosperity for your hospital, without surprise replacement costs or machines failing when needed most.

Speak with BiTech Medical today for ongoing medical device repair and maintenance for your healthcare facility. With medical equipment sales plans for facilities across the nation, BiTech Medical can cut purchasing and replacement costs for your healthcare establishment.