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When You Are Being Sued By National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Call Student Loan Law Group

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is aggressively suing students for their past due student loans. All of the student loans held by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust were originated from various banks under different loan programs that is now holding private student loans guaranteed by TERI, not the federal government. Let Student Loan Law Group defend you in your lawsuit and help prevent wage garnishment or a default judgement.

When there is a lawsuit against you it is not the same as a judgement against you. When National Collegiate Student Loan Trust comes after you for the amount due on your student loan, it does not automatically mean that they have a judgement against you for that amount. We can defend you in this lawsuit to help prevent you from getting a default judgement.

NCSLT wants you to do nothing, which would result in a default judgement. Students who typically ignore the lawsuit or do nothing typically do not have a favorable outcome. Let our student loan lawyers help defend you and fight on your behalf to help result in the chance of having a better outcome or settling the case on more favorable terms.

Call Student Loan Law Group today to get the student loan lawsuit defense that you need against National Collegiate Student Loan Trust. We are professional student loan defense lawyers and are here to represent you in your case against NCSLT. Don’t ignore your lawsuit, you will likely receive a default judgement. Speak with our student loan lawyers today, call 888-843-1706.