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Phyto-Bites CBD Dog Treats Can Cut Down On Separation Anxiety And Calm Dogs During The Fourth Of July

Was your pup scared during the Fourth of July? Phyto-Bites CBD dog treats from CBD Unlimited may be able to help, with high potency cannabidiol helping to reduce their anxiety. CBD has a wide range of potential health benefits, and if your dog is frightened by loud noises such as thunderstorms or demands to bark at every passing pedestrian or leaf, CBD Unlimited’s CBD dog treats may be able to help.

Our Phtyo-Bites line of CBD dog treats comes packed with 2mg of concentrated cannabidiol in each peanut butter flavored treat. All of our CBD is derived from industrial hemp, certified 100% pure by third party laboratories. Dogs are family, and we strive tirelessly to ensure that our CBD products are the purest they can be so that you can be sure your pup gets only the best.

CBD may be derived from hemp, yet studies have shown that CBD actively combats psychosis, rather than amplifying it like THC. By helping to regulate dopamine levels that the brain receives, CBD can directly help to mitigate anxiety in your dog by limiting dopamine irregularities.

By limiting to eliminating dopamine irregularities, Phyto-Bites CBD dog treats have the potential to help keep your furry friend calm during storms and loud events such as the Fourth of July. Furthermore, CBD can help calm your dog without taking away their quirks and personality that makes them one of a kind.

Countless studies have shown CBD to have no real side effects, while providing a wide range of potential health benefits. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, calm them with CBD in Phyto-Bites CBD dog treats from CBD Unlimited.