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Composite Toe Footwear for Women in Cincinnati OH

Composite Toe Boots and Shoes for women in the work environment can be found at the Red Wing Store on Fields Ertel Rd near Mason.

Red Wing Shoes Store in the Cincinnati, Ohio area has recently released a new and improved line of composite-toe safety footwear made for women. The improved line is heavier than the previous footwear providing better protection. And the new look gives customers a better selection.

Composite-toe safety footwear is better for women because they are lighter weight than steel-toe boots but provide a greater level of protection than non-safety boots and shoes. They also are designed to keep in line with safety regulations for footwear required on many industrious job sites.

Women are increasingly choosing careers in construction, contracting, landscaping, and other potentially hazardous occupations. Therefore there is an increased need for women’s safety footwear that is both protective and comfortable. Composite-toe boots are a great choice for women due to the lighter weight but comparable amount of protection.

At Red Wing Shoes Store on Fields Ertel Rd in Cincinnati, customers not only receive world-class service from Jerry and his team of shoe experts, they can also get a 30-day comfort guarantee on any and all footwear purchased from the store.

To ensure that their customers are getting the right fitting boot, Red Wing now offers a free digital foot scan that identifies arch type, pressure points, and accurate size. Women can feel comfortable with their purchase knowing they are being fitted for the appropriate boot or shoe backed by the 30-day comfort guarantee.

Women’s composite-toe footwear now comes in a variety of colors and materials. There is sure to be something for everyone and a shoe or boot that can be coordinated with any uniform. Women working in industrious fields no longer have to sacrifice comfort or style for safety.

Red Wing Shoes Store on Fields Ertel Rd in Cincinnati has been a top-seller in safety footwear for 25 years. And the Red Wing Boots brand has been manufacturing quality leather footwear for over 110 years. Jerry and his team have been trained to ask all the right questions to ensure their customers are getting the right footwear for their lifestyles.

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