Perth 8/3/2017 5:09:09 AM
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SportsMed Subiaco Recommends Sports Physiotherapy to Relieve Muscle Pain

Perth, Western Australia (findit) August 3, 2017 - Since 1998, SportsMed Subiaco, the premier Sports Medicine facility in Western Australia has been excelling in the diagnosis and management of sports related injuries. Their practitioners are fully certified and continually learning to develop their clinical knowledge and therapeutic skills.

"Sports physiotherapy in Perth is not just for the active athlete and can be highly beneficial for the sedentary corporate worker as well as a stay-at-home parent who is often found juggling multiple household chores," commented the spokesperson of SportsMed Subiaco.

At SportsMed Subiaco, the professionals are constantly working with the vision to become the State's premier health care and physiotherapy facility through evidence-based Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy.

The spokesperson of SportsMed Subiaco listed the benefits of sports massage therapy as, "The massage strokes help the body to relax and release the happy hormone that removes stress and anxiety and elates the mood of the individual. Massage therapy increases the flow of nutrients and blood through every part and tissues of the body."

Physiotherapy in Perth is considered as an important part of a detox program because it removes metabolic waste from the tissues.

"Regular sports massage for people who spend 7-8 hours on desk can result in improved performance and better quality of life," added the spokesperson of SportsMed Subiaco.

SportsMed Subiaco offers a myriad number of services which includes injection therapy, compartment pressure testing, dry needling, exercise therapy and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, yoga classes, gymnasium, Clinical Pilates, and more.

About SportsMed Subiaco:

Since its inception in 1998, SportsMed Subiaco has been providing excellent multidisciplinary approach to patient care in the diagnosis and management of sporting-related injuries. Visit for more.