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CBD Unlimited's Phyto-Bites CBD Dog Treats Are Loaded With Industrial Hemp Isolates For Healthy Happy Dogs

CBD Unlimited’s Phyto-Bites CBD dog treats are loaded with the very best industrial hemp CBD isolates to help contribute to your dog’s health. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to have a wide variety of potential health benefits, and if your furry family member suffers from separation anxiety, pain, or inflammation, consider using our certified hemp based CBD dog treats.

Each delicious peanut butter flavored Phyto-Bite CBD dog treat contains 2mg of concentrated cannabidiol. CBD is curious in that while independent studies have shown it to have a wide range of potential health benefits, it’s also been shown to have no real side effects. If any side effects such as a dry mouth do occur, they can be traced back to impure hemp from which the CBD is derived.

CBD Unlimited uses nothing but 100% pure, certified hemp in the production of all of our CBD products; tested thoroughly by third party laboratories, we work hard to ensure that our CBD products are as pure and potent as you can get for the full CBD experience.

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Are they frightened when you leave for the day, creating surprise messes to greet you when you come home? CBD Unlimited’s Phyto-Bites may be able to help reduce or even completely eliminate that anxiety, without altering the core characteristics that make your dog so unique.

We love our dogs, of course we want them to be healthy. When you’re looking to take the next step in preventative health measures for your dog, Phyto-Bites CBD dog treats from CBD Unlimited can help you both relieve their anxiety, inflammation and pain. There are a wide range of potential health benefits of cannabidiol, discover all of these benefits by reaching out to our staff at CBD Unlimited today.