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Longmont, CO Eye Care Center Offering Free LASIK Consultation

Longmont, Colorado (findit ) August 10, 2017 - Plus learn ways to protect and preserve your eyesight from Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado

It can be easy to take good eyesight for granted. Every day we basically assume we will be able to read, write, drive and go about our other daily activities, always able to use our eyes to tell us about our surroundings so we can make decisions and also enjoy seeing nature and people we love. But what happens when our eyesight fails and we need help determining the cause and treatment? Or what if we wear glasses now and would like alternatives that can be more comfortable and give us a sense of freedom from wearing eyewear? Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado (ECCNC) in Longmont has the answers to these and other questions affecting your eyesight.

See if You're a Candidate for LASIK in Longmont, CO

First, ECCNC wants everyone to know that they are offering a free LASIK consultation. You can discover if you are a good candidate for LASIK, and you can learn more information about caring for your vision. Regarding LASIK, there are a few points the ECCNC doctors will discuss with you that will qualify you as someone who can benefit from LASIK surgery:

- You have had stable vision for at least one year.
- You are at least 18 years old.
- If you wear contact lenses: The ECCNC doctors will discuss this with you. Before your LASIK surgery you will be asked not to wear your contacts for a specified period of time.
- You don't suffer from dry eyes or other eye diseases.

There are other points that your ECCNC doctor will discuss with you. The benefits of LASIK are great, including:

- Obviously you'll benefit from not having to wear contacts or glasses anymore. You'll love that convenience and the freedom that comes with that!
- Recovery for most patients is fast. Usually within about 24 hours you'll be able to resume most activities.
- Results aren't complete right away; your vision will take a few months to completely stabilize. Then you should be able to enjoy years of great vision, with additional procedures only needed as you age.

With all of the benefits of LASIK surgery, Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado is ready to consult with you and answer all of your questions. Why not take a moment to contact their office today and start your journey to better eyesight!

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