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Gamemasters Can Create Their Own RPG Worlds With The Mythos Machine Web App

White Plains, New York (findit) August 12, 2017 - Introducing Mythos Machine - a revolutionary new way to enhance the way people play Tabletop Role Playing Games. The new web application is an RPG Game-Preparation tool, with which Gamemasters can use their Imaginations to generate and manage their own Worlds. The technology fuses the web browser with the Elthos RPG gaming system to design their World's characters, places, adventures, and story.

A spokesperson for Elthos explained, "The Elthos RPG is a light to medium weight Role Playing Game, which is our flagship product. These many years, we have relied upon RPG publisher's story ideas, and limited ourselves with the rules and design of their games. We wanted to change that and offer the freedom for Gamemasters to build their own Worlds, story and its associated characters, as well as provide a great deal of rules flexibility."

The Mythos Machine web application offers a centralized location to store each gamemasters' World's story, characters and adventures. The service will soon launch a unique Worlds Market Place, wherein the created Worlds can be published for other Gamemasters to install and use. Gamemasters can also set their own prices for their Worlds, while Elthos will obtain a small commission from them when each sale is made.

"Elthos RPG Tools is a comprehensive system designed to make your Gamemastering easier, faster and more elegant. The Mythos Machine offers a suite of features that are fully integrated with the Elthos RPG Core Rules. It includes the World Weaver's Studio and Gamemaster Toolbox. It does the heavy lifting so you can focus on the creative aspects of the game. You have the freedom to create a World with whatever weapons, equipment, classes, skills, races, mystic powers and anything else you'd like to incorporate in the game," clarified the spokesperson.

Both players and Gamemasters can register an account on The Mythos Machine and download the Elthos RPG Core Rules Book that guides them through the creation process. Everything is included in the Core Rules. Character generation, skills & mystic powers building, and tactical rules are clearly described in the rules book. The Rules book is available in four versions and can be purchased in their book shop.

About Elthos:

Elthos is a company that produces Next Generation Role Playing Game utilities, such as the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine. For more details, visit https://elthos.com/

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