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Huntersville NC Concrete Pool Builder CPC Pools Answers The Concrete Pools Vs. Fiberglass Pools Question

As many have asked when they’re looking to buy a new pool, what’s the difference of a concrete pool vs. fiberglass pools? Huntersville NC concrete pool builder CPC Pools is here to lay that question finally to rest. We build custom concrete inground pools, saving your family both time and even money. Speak with our pool designers and expert technicians today to start building out your dream pool.  

Concrete pools can truly be customized, a feat unfortunately that fiberglass pools cannot. CPC Pools will build you the best concrete pools in Huntersville; were you dreaming of a hot tub and water feature that drains directly into the pool? How about a star shape, or beach style walk-in pool design? Concrete does not have the same limitations fiberglass does when it comes to implementation, CPC Pools can pour concrete to create and make your dream pool become a reality.

Not only does concrete allow you to customize your pool, it’s also much more durable than fiberglass. While fiberglass does have a smaller initial cost, investing in the design will create a pool that will last as long as the memories made in and around it. Fiberglass pools have the potential to puncture and get scratched by the very tools used to clean them, and may need repairs constantly or even a replacement if you have pets that like to swim.

Start building out your dream pool today with CPC Pools, the premier Huntersville concrete pool builder. Concrete offers many benefits over fiberglass in constructing pools- save on replacement costs and build out a one of a kind pool when you call our expert pool building team today at CPC Pools.