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Holly AI Trade Of The Week Day Trading Stock Picks Represent A +13% YTD Trading Portfolio In 2017

Trade Ideas Holly AI has proven time and again that her day trading stock picks represent strong returns for anyone whom chooses to take advantage of our Trade of the Week option; in fact, the Trade of the Week exceeded the SPDR S&P 500 index by 400 points for the period up to June 30th, 2017. Making consistent growth and returns, day traders looking to enhance their portfolio with solid stock picks have consistently chosen Trade Ideas.

In April last year (2016), Trade Ideas began our Trade of the Week, a weekly analysis of the market by our Holly AI, delivered to our member’s inboxes every Monday morning. From April when we began our Trade of the Week to year end, the picks contain therein yielded an average return of 29%. Recently, we decided to perform a mid-year update of the Trade Ideas, calculated using the entry price and closing prices as of June 30th, 2017.

Each resulting position was sized with $1000 USD, entered with predetermined Reward and Risk (3:1 respectively); the results were compared with the SPY: SPDR S&P 500 Index over the same period of 8.9%. As of June 30th 2017, the resulting portfolio rate of return of the day trading stock picks as chosen by our Holly AI returned at 13%.

With a total of 26 selections, 15 selections were for gains (31% return), while 11 were for losses (6% loss), leading to a Win to Loss ratio of 5:1.

Trade Ideas provides a wealth of tools to investors, above and beyond our day trading stock picks as reported in our Trade of the Week reports. Trade Ideas Wealth Professional Suite provides both Fund Managers and Advisors a plan for leveraging technology, rather than having it used against them. Take advantage of the following as a Trade Ideas member;

  • Weekly Trade of the Week newsletter delivered to the Inbox.
  • Weekly education webinars of A.I. performance, early sector trends, algorithm settings, and Q&A.
  • Access to the configuration and settings of the algorithms selected by the A.I. from its overnight analysis and published before every Market Open.
  • Daily morning ‘Huddle’ report on A.I. chosen algorithms and preparations before the Market Open which recaps up to date performance and the previous days’ trades.
  • Access to Trade Ideas Quant to create custom algorithms.

Whether you’re a singular Day Trader, Advisor or Institution, start using the power of technology to see the best returns rather than having it work against you with solid day trading stock picks from our Trade Ideas Holly AI.

About Trade Ideas LLC 
Trade Ideas creates actionable market intelligence for institutions, advisors, and self-directed investors to make consistently informed decisions mitigating risk and capturing alpha. As a SaaS Fintech innovator for over 13 years, Trade Ideas leverages algorithms derived from recursive, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence to develop trade plans and ideas and produce statistically tested, optimized performance results. Trade Ideas' inputs include Big Data sets from U.S. and Canadian market feeds, technical, fundamental, and non-structured data sets such as news and social media. Trade Ideas' client base is from around the world totaling more than 8,000 with operations in the U.S., Canada, China, and Europe.