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Speak With Waxhaw Concrete Pool Builder CPC Pools And Learn Why A Concrete Pool Is Better Than A Fiberglass Pool

Start building your new pool today with Waxhaw concrete pool builder CPC Pools. Concrete pools offer a variety of benefits over a fiberglass pool, and our new pool experts will help design the quintessential backyard retreat for you and your family. Speak with our new pool experts today to start construction on a beautiful new pool for your family to enjoy for years to come.

What does your dream pool look like? Have you ever envisioned relaxing in a hot tub, flanked by beautiful trees and a gentle water feature? Our custom pool designers will work with you all the way through the design process to ensure that the end pool we deliver is nothing short of perfect.

Building with concrete rather than fiberglass gives us tremendous flexibility in design, whereas fiberglass pools are severely limited due to the very nature of the material itself.

Starting with Waxhaw concrete pool builder CPC Pools does more than just alleviate design nightmares, investing in a concrete pool is the same as investing in the memories you and your family will make therein. Concrete is by far more durable than fiberglass, having a by far longer lifespan and lower maintenance/ repair and replacement costs.

While fiberglass does have a lower starting cost, the material can be scratched and even punctured by everything from pets playing to the very tools used to clean pools.

Speak with new Waxhaw concrete pool builder CPC Pools today when looking to invest in a new pool, our new pool experts answer the “Fiberglass pools vs. Concrete pools” question. We’ll transform your backyard into your own personal retreat, complete with a cascading waterfall and hot tub feature. Relax in comfort and make your house the home to entertain at when you speak with CPC Pools.