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WeatherCall Services Reserves Unique Findit Keyword URL Weather to Market Their Services And Increase Exposure Online

Findit, Inc.  (OTC Pinksheet FDIT) announces WeatherCall Services has reserved “weather” as their unique Findit Keyword URL, creating their own unique Findit page at www.findit.com/weather. WeatherCall Services offers precise weather information based on your exact location, helping you prepare for the worst in the event of severe weather.

In an effort to more effectively manage their online presence and get more exposure for the services they provide, WeatherCall is including Findit in their marketing strategy. Because Findit Keyword URLs are unique, no two members can have the same URL. By selecting the Findit Keyword URL “weather”, WeatherCall Services will index at the top of search results in Findit when someone searches for “weather” or “WeatherCall Services”.

Moreover, Findit is an open platform, allowing anyone anywhere to see and share your content, regardless of whether or not they are a member of Findit themselves. Outside search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are able to crawl Findit pages, and reserving unique keyword URLs such as www.findit.com/weather, helps these search engines quickly and easily identify what the content is about on your Findit sites, giving them the ability to start indexing your content in their search engines too.

Findit helps you efficiently manage your social media status updates in one place, allowing you to spend all of your marketing time on Findit creating right now status updates that can be shared to over 80 other social sites that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

Findit provides plenty verticals to create content rich right now status updates, up to 6000 characters that can also include photos, a link to a video on Vimeo or Youtube, a link back to your website or where you want to drive traffic too as well as a press release and the ability to schedule your posts.

WeatherCall Services is now able to create content rich status updates on Findit first and then share these updates to the social sites they want to, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +, rather than creating status updates on these respective sites that limit what you can include in a single post, who can see it, and where the post can be shared to and indexed by.

For more information on Findit Keyword URLs please give us a call at 404-443-3224 or visit www.findit.com/home/keywords to see if the keywords you want to index for in Findit search and in outside search engines are available.

Findit App now available in Google Play Store

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