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Repair And Retain Your Medical Equipment With Medical Device Repair Agreements With BiTech Medical

Healthcare facilities across the nation at the end of the day are businesses, and ensuring your facility is not wasting excess resources on retrofitting old equipment is the business of BiTech Medical. Our medical device repair plans can help to ensure your equipment is running and in peak condition when you need it most. Speak with our staff at BiTech Medical today for ongoing medical device repair and support for your healthcare facility.

Located in Atlanta Georgia, BiTech Medical can be in house to repair and maintain your equipment throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina within the day. Our medical device repair agreements extend throughout the US, however outside of those states a regular ongoing service agreement is required.

By repairing your medical devices rather than having to replacement, those additional funds that would otherwise be required to replace them can go straight into new projects, employee benefits and patient benefits.

Speak with BiTech Medical today for ongoing medical device repair plans to ensure your machines are there for you when needed most. Our repair plans are nationwide, helping healthcare facilities both large and small across the nation save overhead expenses by repairing, rather than being forced to replace their medical equipment. If the time does come to extend your healthcare facility and you are in need of new medical equipment, BiTech Medical is there for you to help you create larger ROI for your business.