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Start Building A New Concrete Pool Today With Year Round Waxhaw NC Pool Builder CPC Pools

Start building out your new pool today, year round Waxhaw concrete pool builder CPC Pools will make sure your dream pool becomes a reality. Building today even though it’s the fall season means that you’ll get a heated pool for winter and the chance to enjoy your pool from the moment spring changes begin to occur.

We recommend to all of our customers to build a concrete pool rather than a fiberglass pool for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, concrete is by FAR more customizable than fiberglass, with the ability to fit any design and shape that you can possibly imagine.

Secondly, if you’re laying down money for a pool, you’re not interested in essentially paying for it again shortly thereafter. Fiberglass pools require a sand backfill to secure them in the ground, and can lead to expensive repair and even replacement bills should the sand shift after a heavy storm. Unlike concrete pools, the shifting backfill can create bulges on the fiberglass shell that require costly professional attention.

As Waxhaw’s year round concrete pool builder, CPC Pools and our staff are proud to present the highest level of commitment and satisfaction to our customers. As a family owned and run business, we continuously strive to ensure we deliver nothing less than the perfect pool.

From our family to yours, call Waxhaw concrete pool builder CPC Pools today to start building your new pool. Fall may be upon us, but now is actually the best time of year to build your pool, so that it’s ready for spring and summer fun to come.