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Call Year Round Pool Builder Carolina Pool Consultants For Your Concrete Pool Installation in Gastonia North Carolina

Gastonia North Carolina homeowners looking to enhance their backyard with a custom pool can rely on concrete pool builders Carolina Pool Consultants. Before investing in your backyard, it is important to consider the advantages that concrete pools have over fiberglass pools. Discuss the differences with us today by calling Carolina Pool Consultants at 704-799-5236 for more information.

Many of the problems associated with fiberglass pools arise based on the nature in which they are installed - backfilling. Backfilling is the process of securing your fiberglass pool into place in your yard and is typically done with sand. However, when this sand gets wet, it liquifies, creating extreme pressure against the walls of your pool, often resulting in bulging sidewalls. Moreover, because of this pressure, fiberglass pools can also develop spider cracks and major leaks; worst of all, fiberglass pools are extremely hard to repair.

While fiberglass pools have a lower up front cost when compared to concrete pools, the long term upkeep ends up costing you more down the line. Don’t invest thousands of dollars into a fiberglass pool that will end up detracting from the beauty of your backyard when problems start to arise.

Work with Carolina Pool Consultants today to enhance your backyard with a custom inground concrete pool. The higher upfront cost of a concrete pool is well worth the long-term low maintenance care that is required. Enjoy your backyard for years to come and let us install the concrete pool of your dreams today, call 704-799-5236.