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Register Today For The Blithewood Sunset Soirée At Bard Campus In Annadale-On-Hudson, New York

On October 21, 2017, Bard College will host the Blithewood Sunset Soirée in honor of Natalie Lunn, who was a professor and technical director of the theater for nearly 30 years. The event will honor Natalie on her 80th birthday and is in support of the Natalie Technical Theater Award, which gives financial support to students participating in summer internships in technical theater and design.

The benefit is located on Bard Campus, near Rhineback at Blithewood Mansion, which is rarely open to the public and almost never for more than a walk-through tour. During the benefit, tours of the grounds will be given as well as a two hour cocktail party in the house.

The deadline to purchase advanced tickets, priced at $75, is October 10th, after which the price per ticket is $90. The online auction goes live on October 11th and closes at 7:00pm on October 21.

Join us for a grand evening this October 21 at the Blithewood Sunset Soirée and help us honor Natalie Lunn. For more information you can reach us by phone at 845-758-7089 or email at alumni@bard.edu.