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Findit Rolls Out New Features to Findit App and Website to Increase Engagement between Members and Non-Members

Findit, Inc. (OTC Pinksheets FDIT) a Nevada Corporation which owns Findit.com rolled out several key features the past 2 weeks. The updates were done in the App and on Findit.com. The App is now available in the Apple® App Store (AAPL) and the Google Play Store. With the recent launch of the App, Findit has a list of features the team is developing that will improve its members experience that could result in an increase in their visibility and interactions on Findit, outside search engines that include Google (GOOG), Yahoo (VZ) and Bing (MSFT) along with social and bookmarking sites that include Facebook (FB), Google + and Twitter (TWTR).

One of the new features to Findit Right Now App is the inclusion of members that are following you. Members on Findit can now see who is following them and who is following other members. People are use to seeing this feature on Twitter and in Facebook and Findit knew it had to add it to provide our members and visitors more ways to find each other and connect. 

Peter Tosto stated "We always knew we needed to have this feature. But we accelerated the process when we saw a review in Google Play Store from a member who downloaded the App and was discouraged it was not available. The feature is now on the App and has been on the website. This ought to result in people spending more time on the App as people tend to click to see who is following who and then add them as followers as well." 


Adding Followers into the navigation of the App now provides members the ability to click on Followers screen name and check out what they are posting. This will increase interactions between members. This feature is similar to users, like ourselves, of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, when the profiles are not set to private. Snapchat (SNAP) does not allow you to view who is following someone else. Findit believes that by having an open platform and allowing people to view and interact with one another easier, people can connect much quicker than on several other Apps. We do have blocking available if a member does not want to see someone's posts. The follower's addition will help to get members and non-members clicking around Findit and seeing more member content from the members About page and scrolling through their Right Now feed. 

Overall we expect this to increase the amount of time visitors spend on Findit as they peruse Findit posts. 

Like Feature

The popular Like feature was added as well. The 'Like' is an important feature that members of social sites expect to have available. A ‘Like' is often a way to monitor the popularity of your posts. Members on Facebook and Instagram have been known to delete a post if it does not accumulate a certain number of likes over a certain period of time. Facebook recently added emojis to their Like feature to give members more moods to choose from, when they want to express a feeling. The Like feature in Findit is the symbol of someone giving a peace sign with their fingers. We will be looking to add other emoji icons in the future to provide members variations of ways to express themselves under posts. 

To Like a post or leave a comment you do need to be signed in. You do not need to be signed into Findit to share content to other social sites that include but are not limited to: Facebook (FB), Google + (GOOG), Twitter (TWTR), LinkedIN and Pinterest. 

Display All Right Now Posts 

Findit is now displaying all Right Now posts in the Global feed. Prior to this update, Findit only displayed Right Now posts that included pictures. By displaying all posts, Findit anticipates more page views on the website and more clicks to posts in the App. This is a very important update for members to be ensure their posts are included in the main Global Right Now feed. By doing this, Findit can appeal to members on other social sites that do quick updates that are limited to a particular number of characters. Many of these posts are relevant but may not include an image or video or a back link; all of which can be included in each Findit post.  

With the inclusion of all Right Now posts in the Global feed that do include images, members that are not including images will still be able to have their posts placed in front of members that scroll through the Global feed. This will increase views to these posts that otherwise would go unnoticed. Findit recognized a need for this by simply seeing screenshots of President Trump's Tweets on the evening news. We would love to have the POTUS and other Politicians, Celebrities, Athletes and individuals that have a message they want to be seen, shared and indexed post it through Findit, and provide the same exposure to a post with 140 characters but giving them the ability to create a post with six thousand characters, a link, a video, a picture gallery, a news release and an audio file. Members of Findit can control their message by including the complete story along with images and video that do not give news outlets the ability to create a fake narrative of what took place, i.e only selecting part of a message or tweet to create a news story without the full picture.

Clark St. Amant stated "These updates provide benefits to our members and our visitors that are seeking more visibility, improved indexing in search engines, more sharing to social and overall more control and visibility of the content they want found. Adding the like feature along with showing posts that do not have pictures but could include a video, a link, an audio file or only text was important that we make all content posted in Findit available to view by all visitors.


Findit has put in place flagging for members who see objectionable content that want to block a members feed and/or report content that members may view as inappropriate.  

Findit will continue to add new features and keep our members, visitors and shareholders informed as new features go live. Findit’s overall objective for our members is to improve their overall experience on Findit by increasing their search results and achieving more engagement through sharing, liking, and comments as a result of posting on Findit and sharing to all their other social sites.

Raymond Firth stated "Our focus is to continue to develop Findit into the social media content management platform we have envisioned since day one; one that will give Findit members the ability to post any content that they want indexed in Findit along with being crawled by Google, Yahoo and Bing to be indexed in those search engines as well. We will also strive to make it easier for people and organizations to manage their social media content from Findit, by doing their posts in Findit first and then sharing those posts to their social media sites where they want their posts to be seen and shared from. Doing this will help us to increase our revenue stream through our paid for servcies that will improve a member on Findit's overall objectives to increase and improve overall indexing and garner more shares, likes and comments."

Findit Paid For Services: Findit is a free platform that anyone can use that offers paid for services. These paid for services as the Findit brand grows are very useful to current members utilizing them. They include Findit URLs, submitting to Findit search web pages you want indexed, promoting posts in Findit to Findit's social accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other bookmarking and social sites and Findit's news and press release distribution services.

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