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Can Danish Butter Cookies Miniatures Come From Indonesia?

Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies

Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies - Having Denmark as your bucket list destination? Make sure you also have a bucket list of Danish souvenir for your loved ones. Your friends and family will definitely hoping for souvenirs that you will bring back home. In Denmark, there are a lot of shopping spots that offer so many Danish souvenirs. Denmark definitely offers you with shopping opportunity full of international brands. Here are some top High quality and unique souvenirs in Denmark for your loved ones.

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Hardware from Bang Olufsen is premium and exclusive audio hardware that can help you to enjoy music for hours in your spare time or to accompany you when getting things done at the office, kitchen, and traveling. The hardware that will suit you to have music for hours is speaker portable with wireless technology in Bang & Olufsen.

Pandora's Jewelry

All women always want to appear flawless. Appearance is not only seen from clothes, but also complementary accessories. The choice of one's accessories is usually personalized to the personality or mood. Pandora as a Danish jewelry manufacturer that has established since 1982 provides a large selection of jewelry accessories for women. In each of its products, Pandora's jewelry brings creative jewelry and original jewelry. Variety of jewelry Pandora are bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendulum.


For those of you who want to buy original Danish fashion products, you can buy WoodWood brand fashion products. This fashion brand offers you fashion for both men and women from head to toe. WoodWood was established in 2002 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. WoodWood has stores in several places namely Berlin, Aarhus and Copenhagen, and an online store. WoodWood fashion products combine high-end fashion, sports and streetwear with urban culture.

Danisa Butter Cookies

Miniature of Danisa Butter Cookies is no less unique. As the original Danish food brand of Danish butter cookies, Danisa is quite popular in Denmark, especially in Copenhagen. Because of its popularity, there is souvenir called fake Danisa Butter Cookies. Fake Danisa butter cookies are miniature decoration, creative decoration for the refrigerator with a canned shape of Danisa butter cookies, and key chains.

Fake Danish Butter Cookies Sold in China

So many miniatures of Danisa Butter Cookies Packets dollhouse sold in china.
Get in here “Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies

By buying the fake Danisa Butter Cookies, it can be a memento for you as well as your loved ones from Denmark. For those of you who want to buy original and edible Danisa Butter Cookies, you can get them in many stores in Denmark. One shop in Denmark that sells Danisa Butter Cookies namely Magasin du Nord.

Those are all several products that you can bring back home and give to your dear ones as exclusive mementos from Denmark.

From time to time, Denmark has top the poll as the world’s happiest country from the international survey conduct by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSW) called World Happiness Report. How the Danes do it? There are so many factors that make Danish people considered happy from career to social life. As for the example, the Danes work 37 hours per week, which mean that if divided into 5 days from Monday till Friday, the Danes work only 7 hours a day. This regulation is applied because they believe that working too hard can put so much pressure on people.

Moreover, the habits of Danish people are the key to happy life. So, what is exactly the habits of people in Denmark? Here are the answers:

The Danes Love Cycling!

In Denmark, bicycle is the main transportation. Almost all Danish citizens can ride bicycles. In every season even as the snow falls, Danish citizens commute on bicycles to work, shopping, or even picking up children from school. Health and austerity are some of the reasons why Danish citizens love to ride a bike. The Danish government is also quite supportive about this cycling habit of its citizens. The proof of its support is to build a special infrastructure for cyclists, this makes Danish cities are bicycle-friendly with comprehensive systems of bicycle lanes and designated bicycle routes crisscrossing the nation. Through this habit, Copenhagen as the capital of Denmark was selected as the first bike city in the world.

Accustomed to Queuing Up

Danish citizens are very orderly in line, either in toilets, banks, shopping centers, or other crowded places. They do not know the word precede or dive. They are very patient to wait their turn and appreciate each other.


Hygge comes from Norway word which means a sense of contentment. Hygge is a way of enjoying life modestly and finding time to be together with loved ones such as family, relatives, friends, and others. The Danish people make hygge as a positive lifestyle. They also loved to invite friends and relatives to just enjoy food together and having some great conversation to build connection.

Eating Habit

The Danes have an eating habit. You can only eat food if the host said “Værsgo og spis” which can be translated into “Enjoy your meal!” And if you finish, the Danes will say “Tak for mad” which means “Thanks for the food”. If you get an invitation to dine together with Danish people, do not forget to bring a simple nice present for the host such as flowers, wine, or snacks such as chocolate and biscuits.

One of the present you can bring when invited to eat by the Danish is Danish butter cookies. Danish butter cookies are different from other pastries. The difference is that Danish butter cookies do not use yeast, but are made from ingredients such as butter, wheat flour, and sugar. Danish butter cookies do not use flavorings, except the taste of vanilla and chocolate. One of the most famous Danish butter cookies producers in Denmark is Danisa.

Danisa is perfect as a snack for special occasions such as Christmas or to be a gift to be given to others. Danisa is the world-class butter cookies brand for decades. Inspired by the Danish butter cookies that had always been served to European nobles. Danisa is having a great demand by the world community because it is made from the original butter cookies recipe from Denmark. Danisa has several product variants namely Traditional Butter Cookies, Choco Cashew Butter Cookies, Currant Butter Cookies, Choco Filled Butter Cookies, and Pineapple Filled Butter Cookies.

Danisa Butter Cookies Website

For decades, Danisa has been producing its world renowned butter cookies which originated from the traditional treats enjoyed by the European nobility. Danisa butter cookies were created based on an authentic Danish recipe passed down through generations of master bakers. Danisa is overseen by Danish.

Visit our official site here Danisa Butter Cookies Website