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A Great Chance for Aspiring Marketers

In the world of fast-evolving technologies and business concepts the power of a good marketing strategy can hardly be underestimated. Nowadays, when casinos have expanded and shifted out of brick-and-mortar massive flashy buildings into the Internet, the market constantly needs new ideas!

The Internet Marketing Scholarship is a new grant sponsored by Slotozilla online casino giant. Slotozilla is looking for gifted full-time students from all around the world, studying any discipline at any accredited college or university for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Any student who has an idea but needs financial support and additional resources to make it happen is eligible to win a $500 scholarship and take part in developing marketing strategies for the successful internationally recognized online project.

All interested candidates should submit their short essays up to 1000 words, describing their vision of an innovative and unique marketing strategy which would boost an online casino sky high. The submissions are accepted until October 30, and by December 1 the team of Slotozilla will choose and award the best entry with a half grand USD scholarship!


Slotozilla Internet Marketing Scholarship is applicable to all enrolled students from the first grade to Master’s Degree in any discipline. It is awarded to the most successful applicant as a one-time payment transferred to your PayPal account. You have only one entry attempt for this particular grant. So try your best and make your application worthwhile. Application entries must be original pieces of previously unpublished ideas written personally by the applicant in clear literary English.

In order to be an eligible for this  scholarship you must:

  • Be a full-time college/university student;

  • Have advanced English writing skills;

  • Create a unique idea;

  • Write it by yourself.


True to its name, Slotozilla Internet Marketing Scholarship is a payment which is awarded to a student based on their essay about a unique marketing idea. In order to participate, students need to write an essay about their marketing strategy vision, and submit their entry via ( or visit ) no later than October 30 and wait for the selection committee’s decision. The essay needs to be about your suggestions of effective online marketing in the gambling field, describing what the marketing strategy you suggest is, how you plan to attract new players to play online slots and engage the current ones even more.

In order for your submission to be successful, your essay must:

  • Be applicable and relevant;

  • Word count of max 1000 words;

  • Not have any content copied from any other source;

  • Be creative.

When submitting your application, please don’t forget to include the following details:

  • Your full name;

  • Telephone number;

  • Email address;

  • College/University name;

  • Your year of study and specialty;

  • Your student’s id number.


Entries must be submitted before October 30. All applications sent after October 30 12 pm will not be considered. The lucky awardee will be selected by December 1 and immediately contacted via email.

Terms & Conditions

All the applicant’s personal information is kept strictly confidential and available only to the selection committee staff. Slotozilla will have exclusive rights to use and publish any of the received content. Non-English essays will not be considered and will be withdrawn from the selection pool automatically.