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US Air Purifiers Announces New Pricing for Field Controls TRIO

US Air Purifiers, an Illinois-based supplier of commercial and residential air cleaning systems, has announced a major price reduction on one of its most popular models, the Field Controls TRIO. This air purifier's 110-volt version will now be priced at $498, while the 220-volt version will be priced at $598.
This is an exciting opportunity to offer one of the best residential air purifiers out there to our customers at a great price. Although we sell many excellent units, the TRIO is one of the only ones that offers true hospital-grade air purification in a compact, affordable format.” said Barb Lulay, owner and CEO of US Air Purifiers.
The Field Controls TRIO offers both medical-grade HEPA and carbon filtration. It also includes a germicidal UV lamp, which allows it to target organic contaminants like bacteria, viruses and mold spores. The unit covers up to 1,000 square feet, making it large enough for large apartments and most small homes. Other features include a self-regulating fan, filter change indicator and a patented catalytic system that breaks down ambient ozone.
The new pricing model for the TRIO units went into effect as of October 20th. All prices currently listed on usairpurifiers.com are current and reflect the changes. Customers with questions about the benefits and features of the Field Controls TRIO are encouraged to contact US Air Purifiers directly for answers and personalized product recommendations.
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