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New Zealand Programmers & Design Students Challenge

FSND has launched a competition for students from New Zealand to create gambling games that have a bias for mathematics. The launch, which is created for students with a speciality in designing and programming, has been done with the objective of implementing the knowledge that the students have gained in real games that will eventually be published on the FSND website. The challenge is meant to motivate the students to build their own startups and make use of the skills they have acquired in their design and programming studies.The competition scheduled to run through to December 2017 will take place in several regions of New Zealand. The cities will include:

    Wellington which will host the finals





    New Plymouth

Who Can Take Part in Competition?

The competition will be open to students of programming and design in New Zealand. Students who have studied for a Bachelor in Software Engineering (Game Programming) and students who have studied art and design. These students will work in collaboration to create beautiful games that will incorporate mathematics in them. Students of mathematics and physics will also be an asset because of the immense mathematical knowledge they will bring with them.

This challenge will be great for these students because it will be an opportunity for them to take the lessons they got in class and apply them in a practical set up. They will be able to create real products with all the information they have learned. Getting their games hosted by FSND will be a dream come true for them. Having their creations put up hosted by a renowned site will also set precedence for employment for them. The winners of the challenge will automatically have a job and need not worry about getting employed.

Recommended Specialities

The challenge will be open to students taking courses related to programming and designing. Courses like Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Programming, Animators and digital artists, and Web Design will be considered. Students of physics and mathematics will also be accepted because the games are meant to have a bias for mathematics. Knowledge in the various coding languages that include Java and C+++ is an added advantage.

The students will be required to provide their accreditation into the university to certify that they truly are members of the institutions and that they are enrolled in the courses aforementioned. They will also need to provide personal information, as well as a physical location and contact number for further communication.

Where Will the Challenge Occur

The challenge will take place in various cities of New Zealand. The challenge will start from the grassroots at the various cities in the universities in those localities. Since the competition will be based on elimination, the best team from each will then assemble for the final rounds at the New Zealand Capital of Wellington.

Creating The Group

While the specialties mentioned above are the main qualification required to participate, members of the teams that will participate in this challenge are required to have a certain “je ne sais quoi” in order to truly fit in this challenge. The group will consider students with the attributes:

    Have a passion for coding with knowledge in Java, C+++ and the other coding languages available.

    Outside the box thinkers. These are students that think of things that could be. Things that are different and that will make the difference.

    Have knowledge on mobile apps. This will come in handy when creating the games for the mobile platform which is vital for the success of any gaming site in this era.

    Passion for gaming would be an added advantage although this is not mandatory.

    Self-driven with a passion for start-ups.

Why Is This Challenge Useful

Participating in this challenge is useful because of the following reasons:

1.    It will be an opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge into practical use. This is great because then you will have an affirmation that the information you have gathered throughout your study stuck and is being put to good use.

2.    Creating an actual product that will be hosted by an actual site, FSND, is great for the resume.

3.    The challenge will expose you to information and a network of other similar minded individuals, and this will be great for the professional future of the players.

4.    With the huge traffic of gaming stakeholders expected to take part in this challenge, it could be a great opportunity for employment. It can also lead to possible funding by various stakeholding institutions or individuals.

5.    The winner of the challenge will get huge prizes and an opportunity to work with FSND.

6.    The challenge is meant to encourage participants and other students to venture into their own startups as opposed to waiting for employment.