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American Surety Bonds Writes Appeal Bonds For Applicants Across The United States

American Surety Bonds is an Atlanta based full service surety bonds agency that writes over 3000 types of surety bonds from court surety bonds to contract surety bonds to license and permit surety bonds. When you need fast approval and a great rate on your next surety bond, work with our expert surety underwriters who have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Start your application for your appeal surety bond with American Surety Bonds by calling 404-486-2355.

An appeal surety bond, also known as a supersedeas bond, is required by the court before filing on appeal. After the court renders a money judgement in a given case, the defendant can appeal this decision but must post an appeal bond that insures if they lose the appeal, they will still satisfy the judgement that is held against them.

Thanks to our 5 tiered program, we are able to help applicants across the US get approved quickly for their appeal or supersedeas surety bond. Even if you have hurt or damaged credit, we can still get you approved for the appeal bond that you need, often times in as little as one business day.

We are licensed to work with applicants across the US to help them get approved for their appeal surety bond so even if you aren’t located in Atlanta Georgia, we can still help you get approved. Give us a call today for more information at 404-486-2355 and speak with our experienced surety underwriters.