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Atlanta Based BiTech Medical Corporation Brings Full Fledged Medical Equipment Repair Technicians To Hospitals Nationwide

Reach out to BiTech Medical Corporation, the leader in medical device repair agreements in the United States. From medical equipment repair to full replacement, our staff is able to maintain and repair your healthcare facility’s many devices that allow you to service patients day to day.

From network infrastructure to EKG machines and X-Ray facilities, our bonded and licensed technicians will be on site to service your equipment.

BiTech Medical is located in the major metropolitan hub of Atlanta Georgia, allowing our technicians to service Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North & South Carolina as well as Tennessee without a contractual basis- further destinations require a regular service contract, ensuring that your devices are maintained, rather than having to replace them.

Regular maintenance and preventative work on your medical devices can help prevent catastrophic failures, however if such an occurrence does happen, or if you’re simply looking to expand, we encourage you to pursue one of our customized medical equipment sales agreements.

Speak with a BiTech Medical representative today, our full-fledged medical equipment repair technicians can be on site today to service your devices; don’t wait until the proverbial “too late,” to service your machines, reach out to BiTech Medical today.