Irvine 11/17/2017 11:18:47 PM
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Do Not Buy life support equipment from Amazon

Protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday season

Well-the Christmas trees are being lit and the choirs are signing pretty songs and that can mean nothing other than the fact that it's time to consider finding that exactly perfect Christmas gift for those whom we cherish.

There will be many ties and vacuums purchased this holiday...but about 2% of the population will be thinking about more adventurous endeavors.

Here at we are all divers & dive instructors and we have been training & selling scuba for over a quarter of a century. For a reason that I don't really understand- Amazon does not sell skydiving equipment but they do sell scuba gear.

To become a scuba diver-you commit to about 40 hours worth of physical instruction to be able to earn your certification to dive safely. This is actually more instructional time than solo skydiving requires.

There will be many people purchasing scuba diving life-support equipment through Amazon this year and they're not going to realize some of the compromises that this selling platform creates for them and/or their beloved gift recipients.

Amazon will deliver their products in small brown boxes that will require professional assembly before use. Amazon will not be available for consultancy in terms of appropriate use or assembly. Actually-it will even be challenging to know the true seller of these products due to the complicated structure of the Amazon marketplace. This becomes challenging and potentially dangerous when a brand-holder has to convey safety information about purchased products to customers.

Many people will believe that they may save money by purchasing products on Amazon-but in fact, due to brand holder guidelines with their retailers; there are pricing restrictions that will make the price you pay for any product be equal among sellers. So-go visit your local dive shop or, if you don't have a nearby dive center, consider calling the professional scuba diving instructors at with all your diving questions...and for assistance in selecting the exact right gear for your completely thrilling upcoming adventure.

Amazon is standing by and ready to fulfill your dog food and Kindle shopping orders-but it's best to leave the life-support stuff to the experts.

Happy Holidays and happy diving.