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Cop A New Bone Thugs N Harmony Shirt And Dog Tag Set Sanctioned By Layzie Bone Himself When You Order From Layzie Gear

Show off your your Bone Thugs N Harmony love with official BTNH merch from Lazy Gear, the only home for high quality Bone Thug apparel online. With high quality BTNH shirts sanctioned by Layzie Bone himself for sale, we’ll have you showing up like a straight G so all the players know just what you’re about.

Layzie Gear is THE official home of the Bone Thugs N Harmony online- with that distinction comes the ability to bring you the absolute best in BTNH swagger- think dog tags, diamond Harmony Howse pendants, Bone Thugs cuff links and shirts. We have all new Layzie Bone mixtapes and tour dates for those looking to come out for that smooth flow.

You know what started it all? Go back to the BTNH’s debut album, Faces of Death; once upon a time the Bone Thugs tracked down Eazy E, met him backstage and Krayzie spit a verse from their newest project to the G. The rest is history. Grab a piece of that history, Layzie Bone has made available a digitally remastered version of Faces of Death, scrubbed of background noises and digitally enhanced for the smoothest beat you can imagine.

Roll up in a brand new BTNH snapback and match it with a big pimpin’ Bone L-Burna shirt and Bone Thugs dog tag- true Bone Thug fans know there's no settling for some imitation, Layzie Gear has the hottest Bone Thugs merch on the market.

Turn heads with the hottest Bone Thugs N Harmony merchandise online, reach out to Layzie Gear for your new gold cuff links and BTNH snapback today! Cop a new piece and roll like a true Bone Thug- order today.