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Findit Launches Findit Prime Package that Provides Members with the Benefit of Online Marketing Tools at a Cost Effective Price Point

ATLANTA, GA-Findit, Inc. ( OTC PINK : FDIT ), the social media content management platform, has launched their Findit Prime Package for Findit members that want to benefit from the services and tools at a great price point that Findit offers. Previously, members and non members that wanted to purchase services on Findit would have the option of doing so on an individual basis where no discount was provided.

The Findit Prime Package is composed of 4 key services offered on Findit that we have bundled into one package called Findit Prime. These 4 services will help Findit members increase awareness of the services, products and content they want people online to see and share with others.

The Findit Prime Package includes:

  • 1 Findit Address
  • 4 Findit Socially Distributed Press Releases
  • Unlimited URL Submission To Findit Search
  • 1 Social Media Promoted Post from Findit (FDIT) to other social media sites that do include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and up to eighty other popular bookmarking and social media sites.

Findit Prime is priced at $99.00 and includes all of the above services. These services, if purchased separately, would amount to $514.00. Prime members also receive a 50% discount on all additional products, such as purchasing more press releases or additional URLs, for the following 12 months that they are enrolled in Findit Prime.

"We want our members to not have to think of price when they see what is included in Findit Prime and take advantage of all of the services bundled into this one package. We know that when members of Findit have a unique address, create Right Now posts and have them promoted through our sharing network, submit all the urls they want indexed in Findit search, and take advantage of placing their press and news releases on Findit News, more people will know about them. The price point is to encourage members of Findit to purchase Findit Prime and reserve the address on Findit that will help people find them in search engines. We also are making a big push for non-members to join once they realize the savings Findit Prime offers them along with the services included that we know help with their much wanted exposure." - Peter Tosto

Each Findit address is currently being offered at $79.00 for 1 year. The price of the Findit Prime Package will be and additional $20.00 for a total of $99.00. We want our members to be able to use the plethora of services included in our Prime Package to post the content in every Findit URL address they own to increase and improve their online presence.

Findit Prime is a great package for all types of members. From individual people to celebrities, athletes and musicians. The goal for many on social media is to reach their target and intended audiences and Findit will help them do that more efficiently and faster than ever before.

Small Businesses - Small Businesses will benefit from having a Findit Prime Package, especially at the cost-effective price of only $99 a year. Smaller businesses are always looking out for their bottom line and can't afford to spend big marketing dollars on press releases, GoDaddy URLs, or promoted posts on social media. With Findit Prime, they can manage their own social media promotion through Findit to maximize the reach their content gets as they share their Findit posts through their other social networks.

Fortune 500 Companies - Larger corporations will benefit from a Findit Prime Package and have the ability to purchase additional URLs for every type of product or service in their business. Much larger corporations can have a central location where consumers can find all the needed information about their goods or services both on an individual bases and the company as a whole. The difference between hosting this content only on your business's website and on Findit is that search engines can crawl all pages within Findit, so consumers looking for your goods or services that do not yet know of your name can find you in search results. Having your content in as many places as possible not only makes you more relevant to search engines, but also makes you easier to be found by your target audiences.

Yoga Studios and Athletic Facilities - Findit Prime is at a price point where you can take advantage of all the features on Findit that you might otherwise not pay for on other website. Yoga Studios and Athletic Facilities can send out press releases for schedules for personal training and yoga classes, favorite exercises and yoga positions, or even studio and gym specials to keep your target and intended audiences up to date with your property's news. Findit lets you have all of this information in one place, so when someone lands on your page, they have your address and phone number so they can get directions to your location or give you a call.

Car Dealerships And Retail Stores - Many car dealerships and retail stores run major sales each year and with a Findit Prime Package, you could announce these sales through our press releases, that are shareable to over 80 different social networks. Moreover, you could drive business to your physical location through Findit posts that you share socially. Getting more people into your store is what helps you increase sales, and Findit can help you get the most exposure for your brick and mortar business.

Real Estate Agents - Findit Prime is extremely useful for real estate agents both during their listing presentations -- as a way to differentiate what they will do for homeowners over other agent's and when they are looking to get maximum exposure on their clients' listings' on the web. Real Estate agents get a real estate hub, where they can post pictures and information pertinent to the listing and then create status updates that are shareable to over 80 different social networks. Put out releases on price adjustments, open houses, new listings, and listings that go under contract!

Schools and Universities - College campuses and schools will benefit from Findit Prime by being able to put out pertinent information in press releases about news and happenings at the school. Moreover, each class could have their own designated Findit address such as www.findit.com/Chemistry when your school purchases additional URLs for students in each respective class to post to and engage in communal learning. Each URL is unique so once your school has the URL or URLs that you want, no one else can get those same URLs.

"We created Findit Prime and the price point it is offered at to help anyone looking to maximize the exposure their content gets online have the ability to do so. At $99 annually, members who utilize all that Findit Prime has to offer will see immediate value simply in the amount of people that their content will begin reaching. We also feel that Findit Prime will encourage non-members to join and see the value that Findit offers anyone who is looking to utilize its open platform to garner more search results and increase their web presence" - Clark St. Amant

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Findit, Inc. owns Findit.com which is a Social Media Content Management Platform that provides an interactive search engine for all content posted in Findit to appear in Findit search. The site is an open platform that provides access to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines access to its content posted to Findit so it can be indexed in these search engines as well. Findit provides Members the ability to post, share and manage their content. Once they have posted in Findit we ensure the content gets indexed in Findit Search results. Findit provides an option for anyone to submit URLs that they want indexed in Findit search result along with posting status updates through Findit Right Now. Status Updates posted in Findit can be crawled by outside search engines which can result in additional organic indexing. All posts on Findit can be shared to other social and bookmarking sites by members and non-members. Findit provides Real Estate Agents the ability to create their own Findit Site where they can pull in their listing and others through their IDX account. Findit offers News and Press Release Distribution. Findit, Inc. is focused on the development of monetized internet based web products that can provide an increase brand awareness of our members. Findit, Inc. trades under the stock symbol FDIT on the OTC Pinksheets.

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