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Go ahead- Stuff their scuba stockings with some of these best selling scuba gear items

This year-of course again there will be too many friendly fruitcakes buying you sweaters which are not quite ugly enough to qualify for the trophy at your Christmas party.  Why not pass on that whole broken record ritual and give a gift that shows you’re paying attention.

As an avid scuba diving instructor who has had the good fortune of logging thousands of dives all over the world, I’d like to share a couple of my ideas with you for interesting and useful new scuba gear items.

There are items that would suit scuba divers and fit every budget imaginable. There are simple little things like scuba diver wrist wallet which comes in really handy when one is trying to navigate the task of carrying their dive gear. Get it here: This little stocking stuffer is under $10. There are pieces of indispensable safety gear that should not be overlooked. One of my favorites and it’s an absolute constant companion on my dives-is the dive alert. Get it here: This item is a homerun above and below sea level because it’s an easy way to get your buddies attention underwater when you need them to look over their shoulder and check out that sea lion that is just beside them and trying to make a new friend. Top side is where the real miracle comes in though-this thing has a 1.6 km range which means that if you get to the surface and you got to get your buddy or your dive boat’s attention- there is very little chance that you will fail in this task.

Maybe you have a female dive companion who has complained about getting a little chilly near the end of a dive?  This is a typical scenario. Think about this nice 2.5mm vest they can just sit atop her wetsuit and give her that little bit of extra driving want exactly where she needs it. This goes for the small price of $49.95. Get it here:

So far we have been chatting about items that cost no more than $100 but let’s say you’ve got a little more cash in the coffers for the special someone.
Did you know that only about 10% of scuba divers use an underwater camera? Everyone wants to own one but they’re intimidated by the learning curve. That’s why I love the Sealife DC 2000. Get it here: It takes all the work out of getting that great shot-between the high end Sony sensor to the failsafe of a sealed inner camera with an outer housing, to the color corrective firmware & tight integration with many lighting systems you just can’t go wrong. Depending on the way you kit this particular gift out-you are looking to spend $699 for the camera alone-and as much as $1,399 fully outfitted with lighting. The lighting is kind of an amazing thing all in itself because the video light can be used as a backup nightlight for your super adventurous diving friends who love to see the nocturnal habits of their favorite fishies.

Be that amazing friend that you were born to be this year and get them the gift that spells adventure.  Look over many more gift ideas organized by price here:

Happy Diving