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Research Concludes Certified Hemp CBD Oils From CBD Unlimited Provide Natural Pain Management

Clinical studies have shown CBD (cannabidiol) to have broad reaching pain management potential; CBD Unlimited’s industrial hemp CBD oils and CBD isolates have the potential to supplement or replace many current pharmaceuticals. Those with existing pain opiates may find CBD Unlimited’s certified hemp oils as a viable alternative and even replacement, significantly cutting costs and potential addiction.

Taken in by CB1 and CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system (part of the central and peripheral nervous system) multiple independent research teams have found CBD to act as an agent of homeostasis throughout the body.

This homeostasis acts to bring about a natural baseline equilibrium to wide reaching functions throughout the body; practical applications can be seen in pain mitigation where flare-ups are present, while helping to prevent future instances through preventative measures.

CBD Unlimited’s certified hemp oils and isolates are derived from 100% certified pure hemp, regulated and tested thoroughly by third party laboratories to ensure both the purity and potency of the product is maintained.

Research shows that it is through the use of pure hemp that no side effects occur from the use of CBD; if CBD is seen to have the side effects of dry mouth and slight nausea, these effects have been traced back to impurities found within the original hemp by which the CBD was derived.

Powerful pain management is only one aspect of cannabidiol, with medicinal benefits such as anxiety/ migraine mitigation, inflammation elimination and more all seen through taking CBD. Contact staff at CBD Unlimited today for a full breakdown on all the potential medicinal benefits of cannabidiol, and see if our certified hemp CBD oils can be of benefit in reducing your opiate intake.