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Cornelius Homeowners Looking To Add Value To Their Home, Speak With CPC Pools Before To Compare And Contrast Concrete Gunite Pools Vs Vinyl Pools

For years Carolina pools Consultants is whom the Carolina’s have trusted their back yards with- Cornelius homeowners searching for advice on concrete gunite pools vs vinyl pools can trust your family’s financial pool future to our own at CPC Pools.

Making such a large investment is big, and can present economic shockwaves down the line- while a vinyl pool has a lower initial investment cost than a concrete gunite pool, the overall expenses incurred from repair and regular maintenance quickly overshadow the expense of a gunite pool.

On average, vinyl pools have a lifespan between 3-8 years after which it needs to be replaced with costs including water replacements ringing in to roughly $4000 each replacement. If you plan to live in a home for 10 years or more, Cornelius homeowners could potentially add on as much as $8000 immediately upon the purchase of a vinyl pool.

If you are considering selling your home, a vinyl pool can actually decrease the resale value, as buyers may be less inclined to purchase a home they know will require significant investment within a short time of purchase.

Vinyl pools smooth surfaces can be punctured by children, pets, overhanging branches and any objects without smooth surfaces- building a concrete gunite pool immediately avoids all of these expenses, while giving your loved ones an area to create memories for years to come.

Speak with the best concrete gunite pool builders in Cornelius NC, CPC Pools and our family of dedicated pool contractors will stay with you throughout the entire build to help ensure the end product we deliver is nothing less than perfect. Build out your beautiful backyard paradise today, customized with water features and a hot tub option by calling 704-799-5236.