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New Years Muscle Soreness Can Be Avoided: Certified Hemp CBD Topical Cream From CBD Unlimited Applies Quickly For Fast Pain Management

CBD Unlimited announces Maggie’s Balm, certified hemp based CBD topical cream providing 2018 gym-goers fast acting pain management. Throughout the nation many have resolved to pick up fitness and a new gym membership; we applaud them, and support their decision to pursue health. Our CBD topical cream, CBD topical spray as well as industrial hemp CBD oils can provide then pain management needed to keep you in the gym and pursuing your fitness goals.

Making the decision to overcome our uncomfortableness to head to the gym is no easy feat- overcoming the pain and muscle soreness is another feat altogether. Our Maggie’s Balm topical cream has a Vaseline like consistency, allowing it to spread far across pain afflicted areas for maximum effect. Absorbed into the skin, our CBD oils and isolates within Maggie’s balm quickly go into effect, mitigating any pain you may be feeling.

DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness normally kicks in to full effect two days after you’ve performed a movement; this is important to note and expect for those whom haven’t regularly frequented the gym. Those whom are concerned how their existing medications may interact with our CBD topical cream need fear not- CBD has been shown through multiple studies to have no side effects, allowing it to be used side by side with current prescriptions.

All of CBD Unlimited’s industrial hemp CBD products are derived from 100% certified pure hemp, tested thoroughly by third party laboratories to ensure both the potency and purity of our product is maintained.

Discover for yourself all of the potential medicinal benefits our CBD topical cream can provide for you; from pain management, to inflammation reduction and more, research has concluded CBD to provide a wide range of medicinal benefits. CBD Unlimited’s certified hemp CBD products care available today for all those whom made New Year fitness resolutions, and need a natural pain management option to match.

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