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Make Folly Time Vacation Rentals Your Vacation Destination For A Home All Your Own Right On Folly Beach

Folly Time Vacation Rentals is the top Charleston long term property management business for homeowners looking for experienced hands to rent out their homes. As a smaller corporation, our dedicated staff of locals has the flexibility to give our undivided attention client’s homes. We live on Folly Beach itself, and look forward to welcoming you, or your guests to our family of vacation home rentals.

Folly Beach is absolutely picturesque- between the white sand, blue waves and mild climate the natural beauty of the region is an untouched jewel. Vacationers looking for the perfect Folly Beach vacation rental need look no further than Folly Time. Through collaboration with local homeowners, renters gain access to private secluded beach home rentals that will truly give each stay a “once in a lifetime” feel.

Folly Time itself was actually created at the request of the owner’s personal friend, along with the realization that local homeowner’s properties were simply sitting vacant. Our staff are all locals, and live in some cases down the road from the properties they take care of.

We lend a truly personal touch to each and every client’s home we take care of and represent, ensuring your property not only maintains but increases its value through repeat business and consistent maintenance. Our services can allow homeowners to rent out their home in the same manner as Airbnb, without the stress of worry that comes with not being on hand to ensure their property is well cared for.

Speak with representatives of Folly Time Vacation Rentals today for a truly one of a kind vacation or Folly Beach property management experience. Our staff is on hand 24/7 to ensure that your renters and home receive the gold standard in care, allowing you to sit back and relax, whether you’re in Folly Beach or abroad.