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CPC Pools Discusses Davidson NC Concrete Gunite Pools Vs Fiberglass Pools; Creating Your Own Custom Pool Paradise

Davidson NC homeowners have relied upon Carolina Pool Consultants for years; our staff of pool designers have become an integral part of the community by fostering relations and making creations that are truly one of a kind. Building a concrete gunite pool vs a fiberglass pool allows us to do so, with concrete we can bring any design you can dream to life.

Savings. Customization. Control. All three are present in a concrete gunite pool and absent from a fiberglass pool. To understand why, we have to understand the how; “How are fiberglass pools and gunite pools made?”

Fiberglass pools are casted from preset mold, limited both in designs and sizes. These molds do not allow for add-ons such as hot tubs, or custom layer finishes, immediately taking away from homeowners options when deciding to build a pool.

During transit from the manufacturer to your home, a fiberglass pool can develop warps in the frame that may not be apparent before it’s set into the ground. In addition, the very sand backfill used to secure a fiberglass frame can shift during heavy storms, leading to hairline fractures and warps within the fiberglass shell. Taken in summation, all of these factors can have fiberglass pool owners spending more time paying for their pool, than in it.

Our Davidson NC concrete gunite pool builders encourage all our customers to build a gunite pool rather than fiberglass for these very reasons. A concrete gunite pool is reinforced with rebar and poured right on the spot, to any size and design that you can possibly dream up. Hot tubs, custom water options and specialty designed steps/ entrances are only a few of the options available to concrete gunite pool owners that fiberglass pool owners won’t have access to.

Speak with our staff at CPC Pools today- we do more than just building pools, we unite communities by creating a truly one of a kind place to make memories together. Our Davidson concrete gunite pool builders will walk you and your family through a detailed comparison of each style of pool, and make sure your dream pool becomes a reality.