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Nationwide Medical Device Repair Agreements From BiTech Medical Corp Cut Healthcare Facilities Replacement Expenditures

BiTech Medical’s nationwide medical device repair agreements have been proven to help healthcare facilities cut their replacement expenditures across the board. From major hospital facilities to Hospice house and small private practices, Bitech Medical services the nation with medical equipment servicing to maintain, rather than being forced to replace.

Our highly skilled licensed technicians can be on call to your healthcare facility anywhere in the southeastern quadrant of the US- from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South & North Carolina to Tennessee, our Atlanta based company, our medical device repair technicians can be on site to repair your equipment with just a call. BiTech serves the entire continental United States; anything outside said states requires a standard regular service agreement.

Our family owned and operated company is absolutely devoted to maintaining the highest level of service for our clients; through the years we’ve combined cutting edge technology and tenured experience to continually raise the bar in the services and products we provide to our customers.

What would your healthcare facility be able to purchase, or what services would you be able to expand if a large chunk of the equipment replacement budget could be otherwise allocated? BiTech Medical can’t answer those questions for you, but we can provide the opportunity to have such discussions.

Reach out to BiTech Medical Corp and our staff of highly trained medical device repair technicians. Preaching preventative care is what your doctors prescribe; BiTech does the same in concerns to maintaining your medical equipment, rather than waiting for failure in an emergency situation.

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