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True G's Roll In Official Bone Thugs N Harmony Merchandise From Layzie Gear, Sanctioned By Layzie Bone Himself

True G’s and true Bone Thugs N Harmony fans represent with the only official Bone Thugs N Harmony merch from Layzie Gear. Sanctioned by Layzie Bone himself, these dope snapback hats, Harmony Howse pendants, classic BTNH shirts and fire accessories will have your style on point decked out on fresh new Bone Thugs merch.

Let’s take it back to the 90’s, Bone Thugs N Harmony are part of pure history and have defined the hip hop game of today. Howso? Fact check, Bone Thugs N Harmony is the ONLY group to have worked with Eazy E, Big Pun, 2Pac, and The Notorious B.I.G. No one else and no other group has been a part of the music that changed the very game out there today.

Layzie Bone has made available for the first time ever a studio remastered version of the Bone Thugs N Harmony’s debut album, Faces of Death. Digitally scrubbed of background noises, and with that smooth flow boosted, this is the very album Krazy spit a verse from to Eazy E- the rest is history.

Cop a brand new BTNH snapback hat, and pair it with a set of Bone Thugs dog tags- we know the street soldiers are out there hustlin’ and when you’re puttin’ in work you deserve to look like it. Match a bling bling diamond Harmony Howse pendant with a classic 1997 Art of War shirt for a look that will be turning heads from the moment you roll up.

Layzie Gear is the only home of official Bone Thugs N Harmony merchandise online- our high quality BTNH merch won’t cost you as much as the big names drop on their style, but it will have you repping like them. When you’re putting in work, you know there’s no settling for some imitation; Layzie Gear is for all the true Bone Thug fans out there who know not to settle, and are looking to cop a fire new piece from their favorite lyricists.