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Cryptocurrency News Category to be added to Findit and TransWorldNews Sites

Findit, Inc. owner of Findit.com and TransWorldNews.com will be adding a news category called Cryptocurrency. With the demand for information on Cryptocurrency on a global scale, we think it is relevant to include a specific category for members that want to submit press releases through Findit and TransWorldNews that pertains to Cryptocurrency to have a dedicated place to do so. 
Organizations that want to get information out regarding if they accept certain types of Cryprtocurrency will be able to submit press releases with links back to the website they want to direct traffic to that will accept Cryptocurrency payments. With the news yesterday that hit with regards to 50 Cent accepting Bitcoin back in 2014 for sales of his album that have accumulated in access of $7 million dollars, based on recent calculations and this garnering national news coverage it makes tremendous sense for Finidt and TransWorldNews to offer our social media press release distribution service to Cryptocurrency exchanges along with the issuers to get their news out there where the readers are on social media.
50 Cent took to social media to announce his new found luck after forgetting he even accepted Bitcoin back in 2014, and from there it was seen by the major news networks who then reported the story. News is now broken in many instances in social media which is the focus of Findit.com; to give all of our members that want a platform that can reach more people more efficiently while having your news and press releases and status updates crawled and indexed organically in search engines.
The new Cryptocurrency category will be live in Findit News and TransWorldNews by February 1st, 2018. 
Zachary B. of Findit stated "We believe the addition of a dedicated news category for Cryptocurrency should increase our traffic, resulting in additional ad revenue. We believe these ads will be at a higher cost per click due to the nature of the content. We also believe that Findit will attract more members that will want to utilize our social media press release services to alert people of new coins that are being issued along with companies or people accepting Bitcoin or other currencies as a form of payment like, as 50 Cent did back in 2014. This is the beginning of a new era and information; we believe providing more knowledge on Cryptocurrency through Findit will be helpful in the long run."
Findit and TransWorldNews provide single press release distribution and a yearly package that enables members to submit one press release per day. Single press release pricing is $99.95 and a  yearly press release package is $1,999.00. All press release can include up to 3 back links, pictures, video and an audio file. Please submit all press releases through Findit.com. All releases will be disseminated through TransWorldNews and shared through Findit, Inc. social media accounts. Findit provides members the Findit Prime Package, providing members greater power to leverage Findit's services, and drive more traffic towards their press releases.

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