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Carolina Pool Consultants Are The Superior Concrete Gunite Pool Builder In Cornelius NC: Compare Concrete Gunite Vs Vinyl

Carolina Pool Consultants for years has been the superior concrete gunite pool builder in Cornelius North Carolina. We’ve worked hard to build a solid foundation in the region and in your homes, ensuring you have an extraordinary place to swim. When deciding between a concrete gunite pool and vinyl pool, speak with our staff to compare and contrast the two for the best financial decision you’ve made in years.

Understanding just how a vinyl pool and a concrete gunite pool can affect home value is tied intrinsically to their construction. Especially if you intend to stay at your current property for a period, building a concrete gunite pool rather than a vinyl pool will result in tremendous savings.

Vinyl pools often are more attractive to potential pool owners due to their lower entry cost; as the old adage goes however, you get what you pay for. Over their lifespan through just general maintenance and repair bills, vinyl pools cost quickly overrun the cost of gunite pools.

Every 3-8 years a vinyl pool liner must be replaced; including water replacement, average costs run around $4000 each. If you plan to stay in your current home, these recurring costs quickly add up- if you plan to sell your home, these recurring costs can significantly impact your home’s value in the eyes of potential buyers.

Concrete gunite pools are poured on the spot and can be customized with options simply unavailable to vinyl pool owners. If you’re truly looking to bring your dream pool to life, a concrete gunite pool allows for every custom option available, while providing the durability that keeps costs to a minimum.

Speak with Carolina Pool Consultants today, our Cornelius concrete gunite pool builders can help homeowners better grasp the differences between concrete gunite pools and vinyl pools. Make the smart decision both for your home’s value and for your wallet by speaking with our custom pool builders today.