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Lake Norman Concrete Gunite Pools Vs Fiberglass Pools; CPC Pools Is the Superior Pool Builder Helping Homeowners Make The Right Financial Decision

CPC Pools provides high quality concrete gunite pool installation in Lake Norman NC; homeowners looking for a superior pool builder to work upon their homes contact our custom pool builders first. When considering the differences between a concrete gunite pool and fiberglass pool, consider first whether you prefer significantly lower long-term costs and customization over a slightly lower entry cost.

Fiberglass pools do have a lower initial cost than concrete gunite pools- this cannot be debated. This is due to how they are constructed, in set molds at a manufacturer. These molds however severely limit both size and design options; once the pools leave the factory, fiberglass pools can develop potentially crippling warps in transit that often aren’t apparent until it’s set into the ground. Fiberglass pool expenses quickly overtake concrete gunite pools slightly higher pricepoint, simply due to much higher repair and maintenance bills

After shipping, Fiberglass pools are set into the ground with a sand backfill, whereas concrete gunite pools are poured on the spot. The very sand backfill used to secure the fiberglass frame can shift during heavy storms, leading to warps and hairline fractures within the fiberglass shell.

Speaking with our Lake Norman concrete pool builders to construct your pool can avoid all of these expensive repairs; more often than not, fiberglass pool owners may find they’re spending more time paying for their pool than in it.

A concrete gunite pool can be fully customized with exciting options such as hot tubs, rock formations and even water features that cascade gently into the pool. Reinforced with rebar our concrete gunite pools are built to last, providing both a beautiful backyard retreat and tremendous savings. Reach out to Carolina Pool Consultants today for a superior concrete gunite pool installation in Lake Norman North Carolina.