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Findit Begins Development of Native App For IOS And Android Devices

Findit Inc, (OTC Pinksheets FDIT) owner of Findit.com, has started the development of the native app for IOS and Android devices. The development of the native app will bring numerous benefits and advantages to members of Findit that will improve the overall user experience which we believe will increase membership and traffic in Findit. Through the app, members will be able to manage their social media content, resulting in more visibility to their posts.

The native app enables members to access features built into the phone, such as emojis within the integrated keyboard and the phone’s built in camera and microphone.

When the native app goes live, existing  and new members of Findit will experience a cutting-edge user interface with effortless navigation. With this new interface, members will be able to easily navigate the app which in turn will entice them to post more right now status updates on the go for more people to view and share while also viewing other posts, pictures, or videos from members.

The native app will also enable new members joining Findit to sign in with their existing social logins from Facebook, Twitter, or Google +. By enabling new members to join Findit with their other social logins, this will expedite the sign in process and lead more people to join Findit.

The native app will provide members the ability to take video and pictures and upload audio to their account.  Currently, members are able to upload a video and photos in their posts, but the native app will make this experience much more robust.

The native app will have a faster load time, which we know is extremely important to members, resulting in a much quicker way to upload pictures, videos, and posts in as close to real time as possible. Findit will still provide members the ability to schedule posts out in the future.

When the native app is launched, it will include stories, emojis, and the ability to upload pictures and videos directly from the app. This will be very appealing to members that are currently on SnapChat, Facebook, and Instagram, that are looking for ways  to increase their visibility through social and through search results. Findit will give them the ability to achieve their objective, which we believe will attract new members.

“With the upgrade to the native app underway, we are already working on additional features that could be included when we launch or soon after, that will separate Findit from other social native apps. Stay tuned…” stated Clark St. Amant

With all the new features that are being added to Findit through the native app and with its new user interface, we think that members will have a more positive user experience, new members will quickly see the numerous benefits that Findit provides and that overall traffic to Findit will increase.

Members and non-members can still enjoy the benefits that the current Findit web-based app provides, allowing anyone with a smart device and an internet connection to post anything they want on the go and have it indexed in outside search engines and shared from Findit.com

Download our app today in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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