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Discover How Concrete Swimming Pools Are Superior To Vinyl Swimming Pools With Carolina Pool Consultants

What’s better, a concrete swimming pool or vinyl swimming pool? As the premier concrete pool builder in North Carolina, Carolina Pool Consultants has provided answers to the most sought after pool building questions for years. Looking for a superior pool building company? Look no further than our staff at CPC Pools, where the Carolina’s go to swim!

To understand why concrete pools are superior to vinyl pools, we have to understand how each is constructed. Concrete pools are poured on the spot, and reinforced with rebar for added structural support; vinyl pools have a vinyl liner that requires replacement every 3-8 years.

Vinyl pools have recurring costs built in; every vinyl liner replacement (including water) averages at $4000, and homeowners whom plan to stay on their property for any period of time should expect these costs above and beyond the price of any maintenance or repairs. Furthermore, vinyl pools can actually reduce the resale value of a home, as potential homeowners realize they’ll be faced with the same expenses.

Concrete pools are completely customizable; when you’re looking for a truly one of a kind backyard retreat, our staff will ensure your dream pool becomes a reality. Custom water features, beautiful step options and finishes, rock formations and more; all are available to concrete pool owners and closed to vinyl pool owners.

Make the smart investing decision; a vinyl pool will end up costing you years down the road, whereas a concrete pool will be a source of family memories down the road. Reach out to Carolina Pool Consultants today for a concrete comparison on vinyl swimming pools vs concrete swimming pools.